Dog Faced Hermans: los primos escoceses de The Ex

Los escoceses Dog Faced Hermans fueron el grupo de Andy Moor antes de que éste se incorporará, a mediados de los 90, a The Ex. Su rastro parece haberse perdido en la historia, pero su sonido fue una clara  influencia para los holandeses.  Su disco “Those deep buds” es imprescindible.


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3 responses to “Dog Faced Hermans: los primos escoceses de The Ex”

  1. hectoruria says :

    ¡Están de puta madre!

  2. laurasales says :

    She came from a community where
    women ruled the roost, imparted
    effortlessly a sense of my sex’s
    ascendancy in the scheme of things,
    ans every word and gesture of hers
    displayed a natural dominance, a
    native savagery and I am very
    grateful for all that now although
    the core of steel was a bit inconvenient
    when I was looking for boyfriends
    in the South in the 1950’s when girls were supposed to be as soft
    and pink as a nursuree.

    Angela Carter, from “Nothing Sacred”

  3. laurasales says :

    Aclaro que mi comentario anterior es la letra de la canción.

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