Las 10 bandas en las que le gustaría haber estado a Robert Forster

“I don’t see myself as an actual member of these bands. I’m more of a spirit; wishing to be in each of them has as much to do with location, history and haircuts as it does with the music each band made. Being in them transports me to their time and their magic, and looking at the list I see it also as a path, stopping just before what would be the eleventh band I wish I’d been in: The Go-Betweens”.

Elvis Presley/Scotty Moore/Bill Black 1954

Buddy Holly and The Crickets 1957

Peter, Paul and Mary 1962

Question Mark and The Mysterians 1965

The Great Society 1966

The Band 1967

Gladys Knight and The Pips 1969

David Bowie and The Hype 1971

The Wailers 1972

Talking Heads 1975


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