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Batida – “Pobre e rico”

A juzgar por el single de adelanto, el segundo disco de Batida, “Dois”, que sale el 29 de setiembre en Soundway Records, volverá a cogerte el cucu y menearlo más que una maraca epiléptica:


Garbanzo dice que es verano

Refrescante y tórrido al mismo tiempo, así es nuestro leguminoso amigo. Y en su castellano morral nos trae, amén de queso viejo y estilismos pseudofascistas, un puen puñao de TORREZNOS:


David Byrne petando el subwoofer


“Where are the new music venues? Are there venues I’m still not acknowledging that might be influencing how and what kind of music gets written? Well, there is the interior of your car. I’d argue that contemporary hip-hop is written (or at least the music is) to be heard in cars with systems like the one below.”


“The massive volume seems to be more about sharing your music with everyone, gratis! In a sense, it’s a music of generosity. I’d say the audio space in a car with these speakers forces a very different kind of composition. The music is bass heavy, but with a strong and precise high end as well. Sonically, what’s in the middle? It’s the vocal, allocated a vacant sonic space where not much else lives. In earlier pop music, the keyboards or guitars or even violins often occupied much of this middle territory, and without those things, the vocals rushed to fill the vacuum.”

Cita sacada del libro “How Music Works”, del amigo Byrne.

“Escuchando música en el carro, / si quiero algo, lo agarro.”